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  Promotional Videos                      

DV Post Commercial - A short spot about DV Post from 2001.

Time: 47 seconds

3D Demo - Animations made with Infini-D and After Effects.

Time: 39 seconds

Videography Demo - A variety of shots taken in all sorts of locations and lighting conditions that show our camera's flexibility and quality.

Time: 1:12

Experience Counts - A video resume featuring clips from various film and video projects produced by John Primm from 1974 to 2004.

Time: 2:36

Animation Demo - These clips highlight the work of Alan Primm.  Alan moved back to California in August of 2011 after working for the International HQ of Jockey Underwear in Kenosha, Wisconsin for several years.  He will still be doing work for Jockey on a freelance basis, while he makes his amazing  talents available at DV Post.


DVD Opening - An opening montage for a corporate DVD.

Time: 46 seconds.

Media Alliance of Orange County - A very fast paced video collage made for the opening event of a professional video production networking group.

Time 2:15

Media Communications Association - International - This is similar to the above, but specifically for showing at an awards show.

Time 1:25


Still Photo Montages               

Lawyer Tribute - A still photo montage set to music without a script.  This was prepared for a recognition dinner.

Time: 2:00


Public Service Announcements                   

Fair Housing Council of Orange County - A Public Service Announcement.

Time: 1:00

Youth Motivation Task Force - A Public Service Announcement.

Time: 1:00

City of Orange - Water Quality - A Public Service Announcement.

Time: 1:00



Feature Film - DV Post was hired to shoot and edit a feature film using our Sony HDV camera system.  This clip is shown in a large H.264 QuickTime file as a technical sample only.  Please try to ignore the quality of the writing, directing, acting and the locations. Time 3:30   Also on You Tube.

How to End War and have World Peace - This short video was made in-house using After Effects.  It's an idea that John has had in his head for some time, and was finally produced in February, 2010.  You will see it via a link to You Tube.  Time 4:16

How Kyocera Resharpens a Ceramic Knife - A very basic "How We Do It" video.  This was shot in less than 4 hours and edited in about 6 hours.  Therefore the total price tag was only around $850.00.    Time: 2:40  Also on You Tube.

City of Cypress Video Tour - DV Post shot and edited this short tour of the City of Cypress for a Real Estate company.  Creative Media of Cypress made the sound track.

Time: 3:34  Also on You Tube

TV Show Audition - John did the shooting while his son, Alan, directed and edited this audition video for The Apprentice.  The video helped him get to the final interview for being on the show!

Time: 3:15

Demo Reel - Skateboarding footage from ordinary home video was manipulated in Final Cut and cut to a music track.  Has built-in bloopers.

Time: 2:27

Bloopers -  Everyone loves to see people screw up.  Here is a video of a non-professional trying to get through a 10 minute TelePrompTer read.

Time 3:01

News Feature - This story about a puppet workshop conducted by Heather Henson was shown at the  Newport Beach Film Festival's 2005 awards show.

Time 1:53

Pre-Concert Montage Video - This video was made for the Bill Medley Concerts.  Made from a variety of media including old VHS tapes at the 6-hour speed.

Time: 7:53  Other versions on You Tube.

Mini-Documentary - Documentary type coverage of a high tea and fashion show produced by Working Wardrobes to benefit women with breast cancer.

Time: 6:24

Film Trailer/DVD pitch - This is a trailer for "The Marble," the award winning 22-minute  8mm film made in 1965 that started it all for producer John Primm.

Time: 2:20

How to purchase "The Marble" DVD

Watch some of the above videos and others on You Tube

 Watch some of John's old 16mm films made for The Lutheran Bible Translators.

John shot all these "classic" films between 1974 and 1984.  Once on this link you can view the videos on You Tube.






























When you click on a video clip's picture, a new page will open that will contain a QuickTime progressive download.  With a DSL or cable connection the videos will start to play almost immediately.  If you don't have QuickTime installed on your computer you can download the latest free player from