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You have clicked on the green word "Green" because of your curiosity.  Bless you!  But you really haven't gone anywhere.  The real places to go will be mainly any of the words on the left hand side.  They will be on every page to make this web site as easy to use as possible.  Other than the word "Green" on the Home page, any green words you encounter will take you somewhere.


To further explain:


Note that when you are on a sub-page, like this one, the name of the page you just came from will be gray.  You were just on the Home page.  The word Home is gray now.  See?  It's gray to serve as a reminder.  Even though it's gray and not green, you can still go back to the Home page by clicking on it.  Grayness does not necessarily make a word un-clickable.  In fact, if you clicked on the gray Home word right now, it would work just as though it were still green.


You will also note that when you are on one of the main pages on the left, it's name will be white, not gray or green.  For example, when and if, you go back to the Home page, the word Home will be white.  Of course we shouldn't have to tell you that even though you could, it would just be downright silly to click on anything white since you are already there.  (Yes - downright silly like reading these directions, I bet you're thinking.)


But since you are still reading this, you have won a discount!  Just mention the words "silly green instructions" and DV Post will give you 10% off your next invoice.  See?  Sometimes it actually pays to read the directions.