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News from DV Post #10

The News

Writing a periodic news page about the new projects DV Post is involved with, our new equipment, and making links to older pages has become kind of a chore, and so we are now just going to update this page.  There are 9 older news pages you can link to at the bottom of this page in case you'd like to see what was new a few years ago.



High Definition Arrives

In March 2008 an all new HDV camera outfit was purchased for the production of a feature film.  In addition to the HDV camera, with a super wide angle lens attachment, we also bought a large Lowell light kit, Steady Tracker, Cobra Crane, a tracking dolly, fish pole, and A Sony shotgun mic. In December of 2007 DV Post upgraded to Final Cut Pro Studio 2 software on a Mac Pro Quad Core Computer.  In 2009 another terabyte of storage was added, bringing the total to over 3 TB.



VHS to DVD Transfers

DV Post offers low cost real time VHS to DVD transfers.  We purchased a really great Panasonic DVD Recorder.  More information about this service can be found on the Details page about dubs on the Rates page.


We also have a printer that allows us to do full color printing on DVDs and CDs.  You can see a sample of this on the Sample DVD page, where you can order our sample DVD - what else?



Something Fantastic!

A big treat for John was shooting a local stage production of "The Fantasticks!" which was performed at the Orange County Crazies Theater in Santa Ana.  John was in the musical while in college. The DVD was chapter indexed by song title, and was a big hit for all the performers in the show.  The show's producer bought enough DVDs for everyone involved with the show.  What a lasting memory!


DVD Studio Pro makes authoring professional DVDs a joy.  And our new printer made the entire package look professional too.



New Customers

DV Post continues to welcome new customers.  Some of our newest customers include Mindshare Creative, Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church, Image Perfect Laser, La Dolce Vita Retreats, Topcor, LLC, Transcontinental Management, Inc and the Cypress College Theater and Dance Department.   Thanks to all of you on our customer list.



Got Demo?

A recent edit that was great fun was a skateboarding demonstration.  A young boy's  family shot some home video of their youngster who had been skateboarding for only 9 months.  John was allowed to go "crazy" with some filters, slow motion and transitions to create a short demo that was to be presented to potential advertisers.  The clip and be seen here.  Click here to play.



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