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Videos by the Project

DV Post is sometimes able to offer a flat rate based on our complexity scale.  Details

Videography Panasonic DVCAM or Sony HDV camera, Sachtler fluid head tripod, Lowell lights.  Dolly and Crane for HDV Camera.  Sony & Sennheiser mics.   Green screen.    Half day minimum - $400. $750/day
Video Editing by the Hour

Final Cut Pro HD, Sony DVCAM, Mini-DV and Mini-HDV decks, free music and background library, 3 TB of storage.




DVD Studio Pro, Adobe Encore, Toast Titainum. $60/hour

Stills/3D Animation/Effects

After Effects, Motion, Live Type, Illustrator, Infini-D 3D, Photoshop. $60/hour


Transfer of video, graphics, and audio material to the media storage drives prior to editing. $50/hour
Mastering/Compression Recording from computer to DVCAM or Mini-DV. Compressing video to media files with Cleaner. $50/hour
Narration Recording EV RE-15 microphone, Mackie Mixer, Soundtrack Pro. $50/hour
VOs by John Primm Listen to the Demo and pricing detail $100/hour
Photo Montage Videos From digital files or from still photos which are scanned and retouched.  Includes music and titles.  Details $3.50 or $5/Photo
Dubbing (in-house) VHS, Mini-DV.  Details $30/Hour
Video  to DVD-R Dubs Real time DVD copies from video tapes.  Details $20/Hour +$3/Each Disk
Memory card to DVD-R Real time DVD copies from select memory cards.  Details $20/Hour +$3/Each Disk
DVD-R / CD-R  Dubs Copies when program was edited at DV Post.  With color printing and slim jewel case.  Details $5/Each
Blu-Ray Dubs Copies when program was edited at DV Post.  With color printing and slim jewel case.  Details $10/Each
DVD-R / CD Dubs Copies made from DVDs or CDs you bring to us. Details $8/Each

Audio CDs made from

Audio Cassettes

With color printing and slim jewel case.  Details $60/running hour
Other Services *
Large quantity dub orders, alternate video format copies, standards conversions, music scoring, audio services, equipment rentals, etc.
Our cost + $30/hour

*Any  service that DV Post needs to hire for your project.  We charge you for our cost plus our time.

In most cases the only hourly charge is for the time spent away from the DV Post offices.


Rates as of 10/01/2007 - Rates subject to change at any time.


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