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At DV Post in 2007

DV Post's owner, John Primm, grew up near Chicago and started making movies when he was 12 years old.  After making several monster movies and such, he made a very serious film in 1965 called "The Marble."  The film is about a miracle.  It won First Place in the National Kodak Teenage Movie Contest and was the "miracle event" in John's life that led him to pursue film making as a career.  For one year after high school and during summers while attending Wisconsin State University at Stevens Point, John worked for Pilot Productions in Evanston, Illinois, as their gofer.  That experience was invaluable, and was partly the reason for The Marble's success.  "The Marble" was digitally mastered to video in 1999.  The 40th anniversary DVD edition can be purchased online. 

John with his 8mm camera in 1965

In 1968 John began his professional career with a company called JP Productions in Hollywood, California.  He spent 5 years shooting and editing 16mm corporate films for JP and several other production companies.  John worked with stars Bob Cummings, John Forsythe, and Michael Landon on voice-overs, and with Henry Gibson of "Laugh-In" on-camera.  John received a screen credit for doing the sound effects editing on a feature film called "The Legend of Amaluk" (1971) with Lorne Greene, produced by two-time Academy Award winner, Jerry Fairbanks.


Filming a PSA about littering with Henry Gibson in 1970


In 1973 John was invited to work for the Lutheran Bible Translators (LBT) in Orange, CA.  He moved to Orange County in 1974 and spent 11 wonderful years with LBT, traveling to Africa and Papua New Guinea to produce 16mm documentary films about missionary work.  It was an amazing experience visiting cultures that hadn't changed for thousands of years, and documenting how their spoken language was analyzed.  In addition to the 16mm films, John also produced filmstrips and slide shows, was the still photographer for their magazine, did passport photos, and helped missionaries produce their own slide show that they used on speaking tours.  John also went on speaking tours with the films he produced.  The organization relocated to Aurora, Illinois in 1985.



Filming in Papua New Guinea in 1980

Starting in June of 1985, John spent 12 very prolific years at the Aeronutronic Division of Lockheed Martin, in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA where he produced over 900 videos for marketing, training, engineering, and documentation.  The division was originally part of Ford Aerospace and located in Newport Beach, CA.  John worked with hundreds of internal customers, including most of the top brass.  He spent all 12 years using a 3/4" A & B roll editing system.  A training video about the Navy's F/A-18 FLIR Pod was hailed as the best training video which that Navy department had ever seen.  John worked at the Aeronutronic facility until it was closed in 1997.


At Lockheed Martin in 1987


In November of 1997 John began working part-time for the Long Beach Fire Department, using the Media 100 nonlinear system to edit training videos.  He was also in charge of programming The Fire Channel, 63B, and provided many of the voice-overs.  At the Long Beach Fire Department's February 2001 Meritorious Awards Luncheon, TV's Chuck Henry was the guest announcer, and gave John special recognition for the video clips that were being shown.  He said they were some of the best video stories he ever saw.  The clips for that awards show were all edited at DV Post.


At the Long Beach Fire Department

in 1998



John began DV Post in June of 1999, using the newly introduced Final Cut Pro editing software.  By November of 2001, DV Post had developed enough business so that John was able to leave the part-time position with the fire department.  DV Post is now John's full-time business and the end result of his life long love of the film/video production process.  John feels that being in business for yourself is much more interesting and a lot more challenging than working for an in-house department.  He says, "Being an outside service means that your relationship with each client is on the line all of the time.  You are now in competition with a lot of other good vendors, which makes you work harder and more creatively.  It's better for everyone."  He eagerly looks forward to servicing the video needs of a wide range of clients.


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