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Video Editing

Our major activity is creative editing, with an emphasis on flexibility.  Tell us what you would like to accomplish with your video, and we will try our best to help you do it with our great equipment and our many years of professional video production experience.





We have Final Cut Studio 2 and edit in the DV or HDV format and work directly with DVCAM, Mini-DV, Mini-HDV or VHS tape.  We can also work from any other format of video after it is converted to DV.  The Final Cut Pro software allows unlimited layers of video with dozens of transitions and special effects.  There are 8 real-time audio tracks with EQ and reverb.  Most audio file types can be utilized in the timeline, as well as most image file types.  We can also scan your photos, negatives or slides, and enhance them with Photoshop.

To supplement your audio track we have over 60 hours of licensed royalty-free music available.  There are over 2000 cuts of music including rock, classical, country, urban, nature, mellow, piano, techno, cartoon, corporate, sports, etc.

In addition to the many backgrounds that Final Cut Pro can produce, we also have a library of 140 broadcast quality looping animations, as well as a huge library of 300 exciting motion wipes and another library of hundreds of animated objects like world globes and flags from around the world.

DV Post has both Backtraxx music  libraries, 5 Jumpbacks, 10 Swipes, and 10 Motion Design Elements volumes.

DV Post can record narration in our editing suite for those productions with a tight budget.  (A dedicated recording facility such as Creative Media in Cypress is always best.)  We use an Electro Voice RE-15 mic, Mackie mixer and Soundtrack Pro digital recording software.  After some basic editing, the recording is placed in the editing timeline, where it can be further trimmed and edited.  John Primm has recorded hundreds of VOs and can be hired just for a VO.  Listen to his sample reel.


CD and DVD Authoring

Video, audio, still pictures, and graphics can be combined into an interactive presentation on a CD or DVD.  We do color printing directly on the disks, and they can be packaged in standard album boxes as well as a jewel case shown here. CDs are available in standard and business card sizes as shown.




John Primm has been shooting film and video for over 30 years.  DV Post has a Panasonic DVC-200 full-size DVCAM camera, a Sony HVR-V1U HDV camera, Sachtler fluid head tripod, Lowell lights, portable green screen and Sony and Sennheiser microphones.  This shot was taken in March, 2007  while video taping a stage production.

View videography sample reel


3D Animation

Other Services

This is a list of additional media services.

DV Post can provide simple Web page creation services (such as this site) which was totally created in-house by DV Post using Microsoft FrontPage.

DV Post provides basic print graphic services using Photoshop.

DV Post can make still files from video.

DV Post can create many types of compressed media files from video for use on the Internet, CDs, Video CDs, PowerPoint presentations, etc.

If there is a media related service which we cannot help you with, we know many other qualified vendors who can help.  We know all sorts of people with unique talents in writing, directing, set design, teleprompting, camera booming, music scoring, as well as large quantity DVD, CD and VHS dubbing, etc.  Some of these vendors belong to the two professional media organizations which you can find on our Links page.

Please see our Rates page on how these other services are billed.








Using After Effects and Infini-D 3D, DV Post has produced a variety of logos and animations.  We can take flat artwork of a logo, even from a business card, and make a dynamic moving logo out if it at very reasonable rates.  Most of these samples were produced for around $500.

3D demo sample reel

Web Sites

Print Graphics



Video Stills



Everything else...

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