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DV Post believes that a referral is really worth something.  A "Thank You" is very cool, but when I get some work because of a referral, I feel it is worth a lot more than a thank you.

Therefore, if you recommend DV Post to someone, and that referred party actually does some work with DV Post, you will receive a 10% commission.

The 10% is based on the DV Post labor portion of  that new customer's first job only.  The 10% commission does not apply to the materials, shipping or other non-labor portions of the invoice.

All you need to do is give someone DV Post's phone number and/or website address, and alert me by phone or e-mail about the referral.  When a potential new customer calls me, I always ask them how they found me, and that will set up the commission for you.

So, keep my phone number handy.  You never know when someone might be wondering about who to see for making a video or a DVD.  You might easily make $100 dollars or more in the 10 seconds it takes you to tell someone my phone number or website address. 

And even if the job itself is only $100, you will still get 10 bucks for the 10 seconds of your time, which is the equivalent of making $3,600 per hour.  Not bad, huh?