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The DV Post 30 second TV spot

The air time for playing a commercial on the local Spectrum 1 cable TV channel is pretty reasonable.  And so I made a 30 second commercial just for that using Doodly.  I don't recall ever seeing a TV ad for video editing, so this was an experiment.


This spot below was played for about one month during prime time in Santa Ana and Costa Mesa. I purchased the minimum of 24 showings.  The price for that was $504, which worked out to be $21 per showing.  That is really, really cheap.  The air time on network TV is much, much more.  The average cost for 30 seconds on a major network is $115,000.  The most expensive air time is during the Superbowl where to show a 30 second commercial just once costs over $5,000,000.

And the final result of this $504 experiment?  ZIP.  Nothing.  Nobody contacted me.  But it was fun to see this on my TV at home.

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