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Alternate Music

It's amazing how a music style changes the whole feel of a video.  Here are several musical options for watching an early edit of our demo reel.  Just pick the type of music you'd like to watch the demo with.  All of the music is from our large buyout music library of 61 CDs.  This buyout library means that DV Post can legally use the music for any type of video presentation for as long as DV Post exists.  DV Post doesn't charge anything extra for the music as some post-production houses do.  Also, please note that all the music cuts were 2 minutes and 30 seconds, which were edited down to match the 1 minute 28 second length of the video.  This is what DV Post does.  For John, editing is very enjoyable.  He claims that nothing is more fun than altering time and space.

Country Banjo

Slow Rock




100 short sound effects

Besides music, sound effects really enhance videos.  I think the Three Stooges were funnier because of the silly sound effects they used.  My first feature film credit was for sound effects editing in 1974.  Final Cut Studio came with an audio program called Soundtrack Pro which includes thousands of sound effects.  Here are some very short ones.  When they are really short and played together they sound like R2-D2 having a nervous breakdown:

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