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Non-Profit Discount

I was very fortunate to have been raised in the Christian faith.  I was taught that using one's God given talents for the advancement of God's Kingdom is a great thing to do. Some of the best years of my life were when I worked for the Lutheran Bible Translators, creating 16mm films and 35mm filmstrips.  (Remember those?)  It is now a great joy for me to volunteer my video making talents at St. John's Lutheran Church in Orange, CA. I help produce short videos that play during the church services as well as the yearly series of video presentations that are used in small groups. Those videos were made available on DVDs and online.  I think that having video messages available online is a wonderful way to "feed the flock" when they are absent from church.  Videos are very helpful in highlighting upcoming events, providing information about a visiting missionary or speaker, a status report on building projects, short sermons for home-bound members, and for important news.

Since it is such a joy serving the Christian church though video, I have decided to offer a very special rate to Christian churches and some non-profit organizations.  If we see eye to eye about our mission, I will reduce my normal rate by two-thirds!  That means my $75/hour editing rate is only $25/hour. It's not quite free, but pretty close to it. 

While a cell phone video that you shoot yourself can be used, a much better looking and sounding video can be made if I do the filming with my Sony HD video camera, lights and wireless mic, also for only $25/hour.  Your video doesn't have to be a talking head.  An very effective video can also be made just from still photos and a voice over.  There are many possibilities!

Please call me at 714-550-0925 if you have any questions.  Or e-mail me at


John Primm

Here's a short clip showing of some of the videos I edited for St. John's

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