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Doodling anyone?

You have all seen doodling videos.  They are what they are, but least they are more interesting than videos that are just text.  Anticipating that someday I'll be asked if I do doodles, DV Post acquired doodling software in 2019.  The program has over 5,000 graphics available as line drawings or in color.  DV Post now offers the production of these things.  Please take a look at this demo:

In this sample above Final Cut Pro Studio was used to make the audio track, the keying in of the background photo and the general polishing of the video.  The music is from the Doodle program which has 150 cuts of some pleasant elevator music.  But remember that we also have two HUGE Digital Juice buy out music libraries containing 61 CDs.
Animated Logo Treatments - $20 each!

DV Post has Viddyoze.  It has 185 animated templates (most with their own music) in all sorts of themes and treatments. Send me your logo or a graphic, and for only $20, I'll incorporate your logo into a short animated video.  A circular or square logo works the best.  You can tell me what you have in mind and I will see if something in the Viddyoze library is similar to your idea.  Or you can visit me and we can look through all of them.  Here are 14 samples:

But Wait - There's More!

Another recent software purchase is something called Videze.  It's sort of a knockoff of the Viddyoze software.  It has some nice effects, but it has very limited choices.  Colors and fonts cannot be selected. There aren't as many templates as Viddyoze, and the length is fixed.  But I can adjust some of that in Final Cut.  Here are some of the templates.

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