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Want to see more?  OK.  Here's even more stuff.

Everyone likes bloopers.  Especially when the "talent" is blooper worthy and not just being silly.  This blooper reel was actually requested by the guy in the video!  Besides things falling off the wall, this is also a great example of how difficult it can be for an average person to use a teleprompter.

I could edit movie trailers all day.  Here is a trailer I made for my old 8mm film when I was trying to sell a DVD of it.  You can watch the entire 19 minute film here:  THE MARBLE

Politics anyone?  I was given an audio track and a couple photos of the people running for an office.  I bought some stock photos to help with their message.  You too can make a political TV ad for practically nothing!

Made for the Fair Housing Council of Orange County, CA, this 60 second TV spot used photos, letters, court papers and people on camera to tell an important story about renter's rights.

Photo montages can be simple, or crazy - like these two sections (drinking and long hair days) from a personal video. The pictures are on the screen much longer than "normal" (which is around 4 seconds) as the customer was very specific about wanting a certain section of music used with a certain group of photos.  It was a challenge to have something going on most of the time, but I think it turned out to be really fun.

This is the first 3 minutes of a feature film that was never completed.  Hey, welcome to show business!  Lesson learned: Never let a book author direct and star in their own movie.  I share this clip here because it used almost every tool I have, including the Cobra Crane, Steady Tracker, shotgun boom mic and a straight track dolly.
Sometimes I have made videos for my own use.  This is one I made for a crowd funding site.  It was shot in my small office using a portable green screen and an iPad based teleprompter.   I post it here to show what can be done for very little money.  FYI - I never reached my goal and so I didn't get to go on a world cruise.  But it was fun to try it.
I donated my services to document the 2011 Walk to Defeat ALS in Orange County.  There was no script.  This is the result of my just showing up.  In doing some research on ALS, I found a recording that really touched me.  It concludes this video and puts a nice emotional ending on it.  The organization didn't use this long version, but had me chop it down to 4 minutes.  Once again, welcome to show business!
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