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Yes, DV Post has free coffee, but I no longer give away coffee mugs.  I had 144 of these made in 1999 and I have given them all away, except for three.  I thought the mugs would be a good marketing tool, but all it accomplished was giving lots of people a coffee mug.  For some years I gave one to every new customer.  I also gave them out as door prizes at the local ITVA chapter meetings - and I even gave one to some of the waitresses at Benjie's - a great family owned restaurant I frequent in  Santa Ana.  I also gave away  DV Post pens and calculators.

It's fun to read the copy on the backside of this coffee mug which bragged about having 100 Gigs of storage space. That was enough hard drive space for 7.6 hours of standard definition DV.  Well, now I am on my 3rd coffee machine and my 4th Mac Pro.  I have around 28 hard drives with a total of about 30 Terabytes. That works out to be something like 2,280 hours of hard disc space.  What can you take away from all this info?  There's definitely space for your stuff.

mug new.jpg

One of only 144 such coffee mugs in the world.

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