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john and 8mm camera.jpg
1965 - age 20
john church photo with camera fixed.jpg
2015 - age 70
Ah Ha!  Thanks for being curious and clicking on my photo.  But what a scary pair of then and now photos!  Oh, what time does in 50 years!  The 2015 photo was taken in one of the brief times I didn't wear a beard.  I may be 70 something now, but I think that my editing, timing, taste and good humor are still in good working order.
And here is a 2018 picture of me with my beard.  The beard has come and gone a few times - especially when it looked bad. When I was still a dark blonde, my beard looked like the ugly two toned salt and pepper beard that Gabby Hayes had. Remember him? Gabby was a side kick of some famous cowboys like Bill Elliot, John Wayne and Roy Rogers.  After age 50 my beard became a much better looking solid white.  A full beard is wonderful and saves countless hours of shaving.  The last time my chin was naked was in 2015, when I was dating a woman who didn't like it.  I'm very accommodating.
John August 2018 square.jpg
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