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This is a fairly typical video tour of a manufacturing factory.  This was a half-day minimum charge shoot. John even did the voice over.  I will always suggest hiring a pro for the VO, but some customers prefer my voice.  It also saves them about $300 for something under ten minutes.

Another video produced for Kyocera. This took even less time than the above video to shoot.  After my voice-over introduction, it features the employee who actually re-sharpens the ceramic knives.  Note: Kyocera no longer re-sharpens knives at this facility.

A simple product demonstration for a crowd funding web site.  A TV spot was also made with the footage.  Lots of locations for this one. The customer hired a VO artist, but as additions  and changes were made, we used the customer's voice as well.

A trailer for "We've Got Balls," a 2013 feature film by Cherie Kerr.  John was hired to do all of the post-production, including this trailer.  He also did some of the videography.  John's son, Alan, did some matte painting for the film, such as erasing the boom mic that got in some shots. The film can be seen on Amazon Prime.
Made for a real estate firm.  It was shot in one day and edited in another day.  All I was given was a list of things to shoot.  The soundtrack was created by Creative Media of Cypress.

This was made from image files to highlight a print piece that showed off premium printing paper.  I had the actual print piece to guide me. The soundtrack was provided by Creative Media of Cypress.

This is a web site ad for a set of DVDs on how to operate a home-based ceramic imprint business. There are over five hours of instruction. DV Post produced the entire package.  John's son, Alan, did the graphics for the DVDs and the album box.  Alan's wife and two of his children also make appearances in the videos.
A 30 second TV spot made for the California Community College Assoc. This took less than 4 hours to shoot and about 4 hours to edit.
This video was shown at Bill Medley's concerts for many years.  This was really fun to edit. It was made from lots of sources including badly aged VHS tapes in the 6-hour mode!  Bill has now teamed up with a new "brother," Bucky Heard.  DV Post is still called on for video editing, such as "Love Wins All" which is shown during their show as they sing it live.  Note: The first 40 seconds of that video are black.
This was made as a thank you to for their help in getting a VA benefit for my parents when they moved into an assisted living facility.  I just used copy from their brochure for the script.
I made this photo montage for my father's memorial service in 2015.  "Deep Purple" was their song.  Do couples adopt a song anymore?  This is a very simple edit.  Photo montages can be made to be a lot more interesting through movements, zooms and transitions.  There is a real zany montage on the Even More Stuff page.
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