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A personal experience motivated me to write my very own book!  It has 24 chapters and 11 shorter pieces that deal with a variety of contemporary issues that bug me. The book is a series of short commentaries that I think could be turned into the same humorous and sometimes profound editorials that the brilliant Andy Rooney presented on CBS's "60 Minutes."

In this book I make comments that will surely offend some people.  All of us have our own set of "crazy" beliefs that make a lot of sense only to us.  And as good as any of my arguments may be, some folks will not appreciate or "get" my unique way of thinking.  These pieces are my personal feelings and my solutions.  And although my solutions have not been scientifically studied and may not seem possible, we should always remember that there have been lots of ideas that were once thought to be impossible, which have now come into existence.

If you would like to buy my little fun book directly from me, simply use the Buy Now button below.  Be sure to include your mailing address when ordering.  It ships to the United States only.  Or you can get the audio book or Kindle from Amazon.  And you can listen to the audio book for free as a podcast. Links follow.

If you would like to purchase the Paperback, Kindle or Audio Book from Amazon, click on their logo.

Kindle or Audio Book
You can also hear my audio book for free as a Podcast.  After I finished making a podcast of each chapter of the book, I continued to add more commentaries and insights as they occurred to me.  Podcasting is a great way to sound off!  Click on one of these services to listen:
Below is a crowdfunding video about the book.  A bunch of people actually supported my book project on Kickstarter, and the $2,500 goal was reached!  But I only received about $450. Kickstarter said that they couldn't collect most of the pledges!  Apparently lots of people make pledges with bogus credit cards.  So much for crowd funding.

The Book's Idea

(taken from the book's introduction)

The idea for this book came about when a lady I was dating asked me to read the manuscript of a book she was writing. The title was very provocative, leading one to think it might be some sort of a sex manual. But it really wasn't. It was all about this lady's unfortunate relationship with her abusive father and how she rose above it like a Phoenix. In fact she felt so enlightened, that she fancied herself as being able to heal personal relationships as a business. Her book had some stories and poems in it, all kind of saying the same thing: that all men are idiots when it comes to sex and understanding women. Much of the book was about how men fail miserably at treating a lady properly.

After I read her book I offered her some positive, constructive suggestions which she seemed to appreciate. I was very considerate, but I actually felt like telling her that her book was very demeaning and condescending towards men!  In fact it bugged me so much that I decided that I would write a kind of rebuttal book about relationships from the male point of view that would be called, "What the HELL is it Now?"  That's a simple question that I bet every married man has asked his wife at some point.

Although this book is about one man's personal feelings, I'm somehow led to believe that my frustrations over women, war, religion, sex and politics are kind of universal.


While I was writing this book, it slowly expanded in scope. It started out as a complaint about how women think, but then it grew to include a host of other contemporary issues that trouble me. Besides lamenting over these issues, I've also tried to offer some solutions and good advice.  The chapter called "How to avoid being shot by police" could actually save lives.

In case I don't say it, please add the words "I think" or "In my opinion" to everything I say. I'm no authority on anything, and I don't want to sound like one of those obnoxious "know it all" kind of folks. These are just the ramblings of a 72 year old natural-born white American male citizen who would like to see some changes made for the better.

John Primm

March 2018

The video below shows the all chapter titles along with the illustrations by Ryan Logan.  This is the video equivalent of picking up a book to look at the table on contents and to see if there are any pictures.

Table of Contents

1. Stupid Adam

Since Adam was a wuss and ate the apple that Eve found, we are doomed.

2. At least I'm getting free dinners

The incredible greedy attitude that lots of women have.

3. What are you, a whore?

Let's be realistic here. What are the actual economic dynamics of dating?

4. Aren't you done with sufferance yet?

Come on! We've heard all this before.

5. Everything is up to women anyway

Who really controls a marriage proposal?

6. Why didn't Hillary dump Bill's ass?

She could have been President.

7. War. What's it good for?

The world's biggest waste of money.

8. Patriotism or stupidity?

Why the army recruits stupid people.

9. Would it fun to be a Muslim man?

Would it really be fun to have a woman who couldn't talk?

10. Gun control

The NRA needs to stop being such a cry baby and should not be bribing congress.

11. Rich people

The epitome of not giving a shit.

12. How to fix the economy

My simple solution for making everything more affordable.

13. Out of the woodwork

Women are like lemmings! They just do what other women are doing.

14. Get some pepper spray

Take care of it that jerk now!


15. How to avoid being shot by police

The very simple solution to avoid being beat up or killed by a cop.

16. How to know if your religion is OK

This is another no brainer, but unfortunately people with a phony religion have no brains.

17. How to enjoy life

How many people have to write about this anyway? The answer is so simple.

18. My solution for world peace

A bit radical, but you wouldn't really care after it was implemented.

19. The Mars and Venus thing

Intriguing book, but offers no solution.

20. My best lesson in college

A college cafeteria incident that summarizes all of humanity's problems.

21. Trump - that rich spoiled brat

Not your model human being. Total lack of charm and he needs teleprompter lessons.

22. Eminent Domain

Once again the government calls the shots and can take away your home.

23. 200 miles per gallon!

There are some wonderful things that are being kept from us, all because of greed.

24. So, what's your agenda?

We all have an agenda - even if your goal in life is not to stir the pot and do nothing.

Additional chapter ideas (less than a page each)

Give more power to the police


Speeding up justice

Prison reform

Income tax

Traffic congestion

Government employee benefits

National Isolation



Area 51

Bonus stuff

Two songs and a poem.

And finally, for those interested in seeing the Kickstarter campaign I ran for the book, the link is below.  It's kind of nice that the old Kickstarter campaigns remain online after they are over.  This Kickstarter web page also includes links to some additional videos, including one of the songs and the poem that are in the "Bonus stuff" section.
Kickstarter campaign for "What the HELL is it Now?
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