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This film was shot in 1980 using a CP16 single system camera.  It used single perf 16mm mag striped color negative.  This means you couldn't play anything back.  You didn't know if the sound recording was good or if the exposure and focus was OK until the film was developed, and the sound was taken from the orignal film and recorded onto 16mm mag stock.  Making films sure was a lot scarier than making a video.  It was also really expensive compared to video too.  Just the film stock, processing and workprint in 1980 cost $400 for each 400 foot roll - which lasted just over 10 minutes.  I don't think I had more than 20 rolls of film with me - or about 200 minutes of raw stock.  The film is just over 30 minutes which means the shooting ratio was less than 7 to 1.  The voice overs of the translators were recorded on tape.  The narrator is a professional voice over artist.  At the time I was very impressed with Maranatha! music, which put out instrumental versions of Christian Hymns.  It was wonderful having their permission to use their music.  A lot of the picture was cut to match the music - all the way down to the end credits being in sync with the beat of the music.  This film was one of the greatest experiences of my life.  About a month after I got back from this 2-week shoot, my first son was born.  How cool is that to have two incredible events in such a short time.

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