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DV Post is a video production facility located in Orange County, California, that specializes in post-production services.  DV Post is in its 24th year of business.

DV Post uses FINAL CUT PRO STUDIO and other software tools to provide professional quality video services to advertising agencies, corporations, large and small businesses, city governments, and non-profit groups. 

Clients also include independent video producers and the general public. DV Post edited a FEATURE FILM about a bowling alley that is currently playing on Amazon Prime.  Watch the trailer.  DV Post also produced dozens of training videos for Caltrans, edited videos for singer Bill Medley, and has worked on home made cell phone videos for use on YouTube.  Whatever you are looking for in video post-production, call DV Post.

While hiring a voice over pro is always best, DV Post's owner, John Primm, can also do narration for you.  John provided many voice overs for Lockheed-Martin Aerospace, Cal-Trans, and the Long Beach Fire Department.  You can listen to his voice over reel HERE. 

If you have a really small budget, click on the arrow below to hear some of the above paragraphs read by our voice over software.  Click HERE for more details.

Some additional pages:


How to reach DV Post.


Frequently Asked Questions.


Some of the stuff we've done


More video samples.


A list of almost every DV Post customer.


Way more than you need to know about DV Post's owner.


A short video resume.


There is a special editing rate

for non-profits.


Videos that can be made without going anywhere.

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The short video above was made from snippets of just a few of the projects that DV Post made with its HD camera.  There is an earlier demo reel of clips from 2000 to 2005 in standard definition.  You can see that one at:  2005 SAMPLE REEL.  Are you fascinated by music styles?  If so you can check out our video reel with several music styles here:  ALTERNATE MUSIC TRACKS.  That page also includes the 100 shortest sound effects in our library, which take only 21 seconds to play. 

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